Yes, You Can Work!

“I want to work, but I am I am afraid of losing my government benefits.” - Monica

“I have a job, but I have to limit my hours, so I don’t lose my Social Security and Medicaid.”

- Andrew


If you are concerned about how your employment income could affect your government benefits, we can help. Discover a one-stop resource to help you to achieve your employment goals.

  • Have access to resources for individuals with disabilities who want to work.
  • Maximize your employment income.
  • Maintain your access to vital government benefits.

To get a no-cost consultation or to discuss the options,

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United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Achieva & United Way

With the help of the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Achieva Family Trust is assisting families of individuals with special needs in their future planning processes. These services include education opportunities, consultations and referrals in Estate Planning, Special Needs Trusts, Government Benefits, and other aspects of Future Planning. Our program works with families to help determine what choices best fit their particular situation and to customize a future plan that fully supports the individual with special needs.