Achieve more through special needs trusts.

We are committed to giving every individual the opportunity to achieve more. Through experienced trust administration and professional investment management, we are an accessible, one-stop resource for information and education - all to protect futures and enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities.

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We provide ongoing educational webinars and events specially designed for individuals, families and support professionals

- all of which are free to attend.

Consider attending one or more to learn more about the resources available to those with disabilities.

Also, you can read our archive of Trust Matters monthly newsletters.

Webinars and Events

Trust Matters Newsletters


Employment Benefits Counseling

If you are concerned about how your employment income could affect your government benefits, we can help. Discover a one-stop resource to help you to achieve your employment goals. 

Achieva Family Trust: We Understand Your Needs

Is it possible to protect your loved one with special needs while maintaining their disability government benefits? With Achieva Family Trust, you can.

Through experienced trust administrators providing social service support and professional investment management, we are an accessible, one stop resource for information and education for you and your family.

Social Service Support

Investment Management

Did you know?

We offer no-cost consultations regarding issues such as government benefits and future planning. To learn more about Achieva Family Trust, Future Planning and other valuable resources, contact us at 412-995-5000 x 565 or