Giving New Opportunities:
Marie’s Third Party Trust


Marie, a 48-year-old woman with an intellectual disability, was living with her mother, Jeanne. Marie enjoyed socializing with her friends and her dog, Ace, that her mother had given her. Jeanne wanted her daughter’s future to be protected, so she contacted Achieva Family Trust for help.

Why A Special Needs Trust?

Jeanne worked with a local elder law attorney and established a Third Party Special Needs Trust as part of her will one year before she passed away suddenly. Following Jeanne’s passing, Achieva Family Trust was able to secure temporary housing for Marie until permanent housing could be arranged.


Her mother’s wish for Marie to lead a fulfilling life was realized. By establishing the special needs trust, Marie’s mother could safely leave assets in her estate to her only daughter, without jeopardizing her eligibility for government benefits. Marie’s transition from sudden loss to new life opportunities was seamless, and she now has funds available to travel and pursue her interests.