Security For The Future: Jackson’s Pooled Trust


Jackson is a 33-year-old man with an intellectual disability, living with his mother and working a part-time job. His father passed away unexpectedly without a plan in place for the funds that he wanted to leave for Jackson. The funds from his father’s estate, and a small retirement savings that Jackson had from his work, made him ineligible for important government benefits that would enable him to receive services while living with his mother and in the future.

Why A Special Needs Trust?

Jackson and his mother contacted Achieva Family Trust to set up a Pooled Trust for Jackson’s benefit. The funds in Jackson’s name were placed in a Pooled Trust, and immediately, he was able to apply for a Medicaid Waiver funding for services.


Through the Medicaid Waiver, Jackson receives companion services that allow him to participate in community activities, and will ensure that residential supports are available to Jackson in the future. With his Pooled Trust funds, Jackson is able to go to baseball games, pay for medical needs and live with the peace of mind that his future is protected.

“I was very worried that my son would be left without a safe place to live after I am no longer here to care for him. Achieva Family Trust helped protect his future.”

- Ruth Ann, Jackson’s mother