Splishing & Splashing: Anabelle's Story

Anabelle’s mom completed the grant application process and was notified soon after that Belle had been awarded the grant to obtain a specialized swimsuit that would protect her pic line.

She said, "Everyone from the Charitable Residual Program was incredibly helpful throughout the process."

On Christmas Eve 2018, Belle got the best gift as she was able to get the first real bath of her little life. She had a blast splashing around in the bubbles and playing with the bath toys. She repeatedly squealed, “water” and “bathtub” the whole time!

Her family is so excited to go camping this summer since they can now enjoy the water together without fear of putting Belle at risk of a line infection.

They would like to thank the Charitable Residual Program for blessing their family with hope even in this very trying situation.

- Annabelle: Cowansville, PA